Spaghetti Bridge Building Workshop at Kateb University

Spaghetti Bridge Spaghetti Bridge

On Wednesday October 31, 2018 Kateb Student Development Center and Engineering Department held a workshop on Spaghetti Bridge Building.

First of all,  Engineer Rafi Zarey gave Information about the Basics of Spaghetti Bridge Building for Kateb, Kabul, Poly-Technic and Ebne-Sina University Students. After that, he discussed the Spaghetti Bridge building principles and a model built was students was showcased. Finally, the rules of Spaghetti Bridge Building was explained.

Spaghetti Bridge Spaghetti Bridge

This workshop was an orientation for the Spaghetti Bridge competition that will be held in the coming months.

The workshop ended with a documentary screening on Spaghetti Bridge Building.

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