Hadi Fasihi

Mr. Hadi Fasihi has an MA in Civil Engineering. He is currently serving as the Head of Engineering Faculty at Kateb University. He has several years of work experience in concrete design, steel building, CFRD dams and concrete dams. He has worked as a Project Manager with Miami International Project Lifecycle Company and Hatamzamin Group of Companies. Also, he has worked as a Consultant with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

He has completed the following projects as a subcontractor:

  • GhowmAli bridge, Takhar, Afghanistan
  • 41Km Road, Qaysar to Laman, Badqis, Afghanistan
  • 10 Story Concrete Frame Building, Qasaba, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • 3000 Square meter Wedding Hall, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • 20-Story Building, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • 9-story building, Jalal-Abad, Afghanistan
  • 15-story building, tunnel formwork, structural rehabilitation, Kabul, Afghanistan,
  • 10-story building , Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
  • Bridge Analyzer, Chah-e-Anjir to Gereshk Road, Helmand, Afghanistan
  • Blast resistant door design
  • Steel jacketing and concrete jacketing for high-rise buildings with lack of strength of structural materials



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