Mr. Ali Reza Alizada

Ali Reza Alizada

Mr. Ali Reza Alizada is a current PhD student at Ferdowsi University of Mash-had Khorasan Razavi, Iran. He has a master’s degree in Geophysics (Seismology) and a Bachelor’s of Science in physics from Ferdowsi University. In addition, he has a diploma in Mathematics and Physics from Governmental High School of Ayatollah Kashani.

He has been part of the following scientific activities so far:

  • Set temporary seismic stations to collect aftershocks information of Ahar Varzaghan earthquake – August 11, 2012. NW, Iran
  • Applied geophysical operation (Seismic, Geo-electrics, GPR & Geomagnetic)
  • Worked as computer programmer and mathematics software developer (Matlab, Mathematica, Fortran , Pylith)
  • Taught at private universities in Kabul; Kateb University, Istighlal University, Gharjistan University, Rabia Balkhi University)
  • Participating at “Geophysical inversion theory and practice” Scientific workshop by “Tehran Geophysical society”
  • Participated at “Seismic Risk Analysis” a scientific workshop by Tehran Geophysical Society
    Participated at “GPR” scientific workshop organized by Tehran Geophysical Society”
  • Wrote and got approval from Safir a journal for paper ‘Causality and Quantum Mechanics’
  • Wrote paper titled ‘Kabul Seismic Hazard Analysis and Calculation of Maximum Acceleration of Strong Motion’
  • Wrote thesis titled ‘Focal Mechanism for Aftershocks of Ahar Earthquake’ published by Ferdowsi University of Mash-had

He has worked as a teacher of physics and mathematics from 2002 to 2012. He has also taught physics at Bakhtar Institute in Mash-Had Iran for 5 years.

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