Mr. Nazim Jafari

Mohammad Nazim Jafari

Phone: 0785195979


On Campus Office:

Mr. Nazim Jafari has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Hakim Sabzwari University in Tehran and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Firdausi University, Tehran. During his stay in Iran, he has been the founder and director of ‘Rah Danish’ school for refugee students residing in Gul-shahr Mash-had, Iran. He has a vast experience of teaching at universities like Payam Noor, Ibn Sina, Khatam-un-Nabieen and Kateb University. He worked as the director and teacher of Mathematics Department at Marifat High School and also served as the Principal of Marifat High School in the same years. Before coming to Afghanistan, he used to teach Mathematics at Tarbiat Islami and Zaman Schools in Iran.

His subjects of interest and specialization are electricity, mathematics, artificial intelligence, C language, C++ and image processing. He has research paper titled ‘People Detection Based on Edge Detection’ published in the International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering.


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